To establish a public limited company at least three individuals are needed. The share capital amounts to at least CHF 100'000 and at least 50% of it has to be paid in.

The minimal value of a share is CHF 0.01.
The public limited company is a legal entity.

At the time of establishment, it must

  • deposit the share capital into a blocked account
  • draw up the statutes and foundation protocol and have them legally certified (in Canton Zürich by the Commissioner for Oaths)
  • register in the Commercial Registry after public certification. The limited company is officially established as soon as it is published in the SHAB (Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce). On you have an overview of all the companies in Switzerland. The Commercial Registry is managed by the Cantons. Whatever is listed in the Commercial Registry is legally valid.
  • After founding further inquiries have to be made, e.g. registration with social insurances, value added tax, property, liability insurance, source tax and accounting.
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