Non-domiciled companies in Switzerland that are selling goods (including e-commerce) and/or conducting work in Switzerland have to pay Value Added Tax (VAT) in Switzerland.

We can complete the VAT invoices in Switzerland for you. We can also represent you in dealing with the public authorities.


Do you want to establish an independent company or a branch in Switzerland? We assist you with the legal foundation, registration with the Commercial Registry, choice of social insurance and further insurances. We also manage the accounting, the annual financial statement and taxes. Furthermore, we manage your administration or represent you in Switzerland as managing director or with sole signing authority.

Dispatched to Switzerland : 8 Day-Rule Employees for EU/EFTA countries

As EU/EFTA foreign business you could undertake projects, i.e. execute construction projects or conduct installations. In this case you are liable to pay value-added tax if the worldwide revenue of the business exceeds 100’000 CHF.

You have to abide by the 8 day-rule. In addition, the employees dispatched to Switzerland have to be registered with the appropriate cantonal authorities, in the Canton in which the work is carried out. The foreign employees in Switzerland are monitored to prevent wage dumping. This monitoring was introduced to protect the employees.

The EU/EFTA wants to modify the 8 day-rule, so that a permit has to be obtained at least one day before the work or service is rendered. We will assist you with the required Swiss tasks.

We will duly register your employees with the appropriate authorities of the respective Canton, assist you with obtaining your Swiss value-added tax number as well as invoice the value-added tax periodically on your behalf.