Start-up period:

Which receipts have to be kept?

How do the receipts have to be filed?

Whether to open up a business bank or post account?

Conduct bookkeeping during the financial year

Bookkeeping has to be conducted in a timely manner. You can distinguish between the simple bookkeeping and double-entry bookkeeping. Smaller companies, unregistered partnerships, collective proprietorships and limited partnerships can have a simple bookkeeping. The double-entry bookkeeping is required for companies with limited liability (GmbH), public limited companies (AG) or and big companies if the revenue exceeds CHF 500’000.

We can instruct and train you in conducting simple or double-entry bookkeeping. As the double-entry bookkeeping is of a complex nature, you should either have experiences with it or at least a good mathematical understanding. Only with these requirements can the complex nature be explained in a few hours.

The course syllabus will be compiled according to your requests.

Financial statement

According to the simple and double-entry bookkeeping different conditions have to be met when compiling the financial statement. These also vary according to the business. We can train you concerning your business, as soon as the financial statement has to be created or we can compile the financial statement for your company.