Robert Meili, M.A. UZH, Managing Director

Robert Meili advises you competently on all fiduciary matters, in particular on tax optimisation, tax planning, incorporation, payrolling, contracts, accounting statements, company takeovers and mergers or transformations. He advises on the choice of social insurances.

Robert Meili graduated from the University of Zurich with a degree in economics (M.A. UZH). He worked at the University of Zurich, among other places.  He has a secondary school teaching degree and professional experience in accounting, unemployment law, public finances and retail.

Languages: German, English, French

Anna Gromek M.A. , Deputy CEO

Anna Gromek advises and supports you in all fiduciary matters, in particular with start-ups, payrolling, representation for EU companies sending employees to work in Switzerland, value added tax, payroll, accounts receivable, financial accounting and bookkeeping, social insurance, tax returns, financial and liquidity planning. She trains people who want to keep the accounts of a small business and assists them with the annual accounts. She analyses and discusses your annual accounts with you.

She studied international relations at the University of Wroclaw and is currently training to become a Swiss certified fiduciary.

Languages: German, English, Polish.