Robert Meili, M.A. UZH, CEO

Robert Meili works as the Managing Director and gives advice on accounting, contract law, social insurances, domestic and transnational tax matters as well as representating foreign and domestic companies. Robert Meili has many years of experience in accounting and training. He is in the management and financial committee of the successful social enterprise Oekos Servise GmbH, Zürich. He owns, Zürich, and meili küng real estate agents gmbh, Zürich. He is in the management of the Alnama GmbH, Zürich, and the Main River GmbH, Zürich. He speaks German, English and French.

Anna Gromek M.A. University of Breslau, deputy manager

Anna Gromek gives advice on accounting, tax matters as well as the foundation and liquidation of companies. She graduated from the University of Breslau in International Relations. At the moment, she is training to be an Eidg. Dipl. fiduciary.
She speaks German, English and Polish.

Vithusa Vignathasan

Vithusa Vignathasan is in the third year of her commercial apprenticeship and works alternately in the area of taxes and accounting as well as in the secretariat. She speaks German, English and Tamil.